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Alcohol And Christian Counseling

Posted by New Christian Store on

"And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit." - Ephesians 5:18

Becky hasn't had a drink for twenty years. "God made the difference in my life, with the help of the people in a clinic for alcoholics and my loving husband", she says. But she's been tempted many times, and that's the reason she avoids restaurant foods that have alcoholic ingredients, because she's afraid of failing again. Becky still calls herself an alcoholic.

At church, sometimes pastors used to give sermons about the sinfulness of drinking alcohol, but most people in the congregations didn’t realize that alcoholics are not only outside the church doors, but seated on the same bench.

We can't deny we live in different realities but in the same world. For that reason, we, as part of society, need to recognize that we need to open our eyes beyond the mandatory fake smiles in church culture and start considering the real sufferings of our brothers and sisters.

Many times, we have these situations when we have a meal out with fellow congregants and we ask the waitress for a glass of wine with the meal, without bearing in mind the potential consequences on other people at the table who may be struggling with alcoholism. Many people say: "Jesus turned water into wine and it wasn't grape juice". But it does not excuse the fact that being addicted to alcohol is expressly forbidden in the Bible, and it's important to think about the people who are living this tragedy day by day.

In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul is talking about eating of things offered to idols and he explains about being sensitive and affirms that if something makes my brother stumble, I won't do that, lest I make my brother stumble. That being said, it's crucial to pay attention to our words and actions and the consequences these can have on other people's lives, especially those who are having difficulties with addictions like alcohol.

Self-interest and skepticism will accomplish nothing and neither will turning a blind eye. We must consider ways by which we can help people escape from the vice of alcohol, which is a sin that kills physically, spiritually, and emotionally many Christians and non-Christians alike, depriving them of their hopes and dreams, and having a negative impact on their families. One of the best ways is offering fellowship, avoiding a confrontational, offering love, giving words of encouragement and trying to understand their heart and the hard situation they are going through without judgment.

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