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Beautiful Pictures of Jesus

Posted by New Christian Store on

As we all know, religion and the concept of God, or of gods, has always been present in humanity. It has been used as away to explain how the whole universe was created, and by whom, and functioning as a guide for devotees to live their lives. Jesus Christ is and has always been, without a doubt, one of the most prolific, as evidenced by the beautiful pictures of Jesus found not only in churches, but also in homes, schools, markets—all sorts of places.

But, before delving more deeply into the topic of Jesus Christ and the images we often see of him, it would be valuable to establish a prologue on how religions work, why they exist, and why this man became one of the most loved figures on earth. In this way, we will better understand the influence of these beautiful pictures of Jesus, and their influence on the respective owners of these images.

To begin, let’s define “religion.” Religions are sets of established beliefs followed by people, being supported by the concept of a deity, or deities, and of course, faith. Nevertheless, while this definition appears very simple on the surface, the complexity of religions in real life and their influence on people can be noted by the way they encompass many concepts—from anthropological and philosophical concepts to culture and social behavior.

In terms of different types of religions, there are many religions around the world, some of which have existed for millennia, and others with more recent roots. All these religions have things in common, but there are also distinctive differences. For example, Indian religions are virtually all polytheistic, meaning that devotees believe in many gods, unlike Western religions which are largely monotheistic, meaning that they believe in only one god. This includes the religion of Christianity.

Jesus, son of God

It’s not a secret that Jesus Christ is seen by Christians all over the world as our only savior, the messiah who came directly down from heaven, to be human, and to clean humanity from sin, with his sacrifice on the cross. It is thanks to the New Testament we know all this, and as Christians, we believe in Christ’s sacrifice—a sacrifice carried out by the son of God, who was born to the Virgin Mary.

The history of Christ is not only a matter of importance to Christians, however. The figure of Jesus Christ is also so important that a good number of religions, with different approaches and points of view, have him as an important figure, and this defines his worldwide influence. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many people seek to worship Jesus, in as many ways as can be imagined—from going to church, praying, reading the Bible, and owning items that remind them of their faith in Jesus Christ.

In fact, millions of objects inspired by Jesus Christ are sold every year, in the form of statues, figures, paintings, and pictures. In this way, we can clearly see how important Jesus is, promoting faith in so many people of so many cultures, countries, and religions. They all are different, but they all have Christ in common.

That is why today we will be observing and analyzing the many beautiful pictures of Jesus, which are out there—pictures that can help you to demonstrate your belief and love in Christ. In this way, you can not only decorate your home, you can also give it a spiritual aura by inviting Christ’s presence into your home.

Finding beautiful pictures of Jesus Christ

Having a picture of Jesus in your home (or even just a small one in your wallet, bag or purse) is a great and aesthetically pleasing way to demonstrate your faith and belief in Jesus Christ. For example, you can find images of Jesus moving, explaining his ideas to the disciples, or of him walking through the desert, looking resplendent in his glory—perfect to decorate the living room of your house, giving it a spiritual look and feel.

A variety of images of Jesus of Nazareth can be found, and it is possible to find unique works created by painters and illustrators, allowing you to find truly original works of Christ-related art. You could even hire a local artist to create a commissioned piece of art depicting Jesus Christ in heaven—truly a beautiful image to see.

If you desire pictures of Jesus after his resurrection—him living again, coming back from the dead, reaching eternity after the ultimate sacrifice of dying painfully on a cross—you can find those, as well. In fact, there are plenty of pictures of Jesus on the cross, reflecting both his pain and his glory at the same time, demonstrating that he is truly the son of God.

As you can see, there are myriad choices when it comes to choosing pictures representing Jesus Christ, giving people various alternatives to choose from in order to decorate any part of their homes or personal space. Of course, this is far from the only approach you can follow to show your love of Jesus.

Ways to worship Jesus Christ

Pictures of Jesus represent an excellent way to show your faith in him, by having him as virtual figure whose presence we can admire when we want to pray—giving us the sensation of him being there, and thus, giving us comfort. Although we can also show our faith in Christ by going to church and praying, one of the most important ways we can display our love of Jesus is by following his example: being compassionate, and trying to avoid hurting our fellow men.

In fact, the whole point of these images and worship acts is to help us be better, in every aspect of our lives, not only in regard to faith, but also simply as humans. Of course, this is not easy to do, but having beautiful pictures of Jesus at home can be more than just a lovely decoration—it can really help remind us to improve ourselves by reminding us of Christ’s presence in our lives.

So, the most important thing is not the decoration aspect, nor the act of putting something related to Jesus on the wall. What really matters is how you feel on the inside, and the effect those pictures are going to have on you. That is why, the next time you buy something faith-related, think about how it makes you feel. Do it for you—not because everyone you know is doing it.

We have seen the importance of the figure of Jesus Christ, and how influential this figure can be, in the form of beautiful pictures and other works of art. The effect of this man—the son of our God—on us is incredible, making us feel better to have a representation of him in our homes and in our lives.

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