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The Word of God is My Lamp

Posted by New Christian Store on

In Biblical time, people had to walk from place to place along dusty paths. Even if a path were smooth and well used, there could still be rocks or branches that could trip-up travelers. Carrying a lamp would provide a ring of light to see what’s ahead and prevent injuries. The light shows what’s immediately ahead and helped travelers each step of the way.

I’ve been on hiking or camping trips and having a portable light source is essential for safety, especially if you have to navigate tent stakes, firewood piles, and camping equipment. Even an athletic and agile person can trip over a stone fire ring and twist her ankle. Have you hiked in the fading light? Shadows cause deep wells of darkness that trick the eye. Sudden drop-offs can throw you off balance.

The Word of God is like a lamp, or flashlight, that provides guidance for our walk through the world. The world is a dark and confusing place with conflicting messages coming at us from all sides. We can find ourselves stranded unless we study God’s Word and let His wisdom guide us.

A dark and confusing place I found myself recently a disagreement with a close friend. I looked up Scripture about handling conflict and found Proverbs 15:1: “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” Using a calm tone I was able to speak with my friend about brewing tension. It was uncomfortable, but it was a relief to clear the air. I think we’re better friends now, too.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

Putting quality time in your relationship with God is the best investment you can make. Reading and meditating on the Word allows it to penetrate your heart. The Word can guide you through hard times or decisions. It can comfort you when you’re afraid or grieving. The Word will gently show you areas where your life isn’t in line with God.

Popular magazines and blogs offer countless advice columns on everything from family relationships to cooking, child care to gardening. Some of this advice is solid, some is nonsense! Please don’t misunderstand me - advice from reliable resources can make a difference in the decisions we make. I’ve used articles about others’ experiences to help me make choices about projects in my home and handling difficult coworkers. Consider the advice in light of God’s Word before choosing to follow it.

My friends and family often offer me advice, too. I always consider the source, too. I want advice from men and women who have studied the Word and have the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives. Hearing about other people’s experiences can help us avoid unnecessary pain or heartache. In turn, we can share our life experiences with others.

Don’t forget that we offer helpful devotionals,  Christian books and media, along with guides for people in all stages of life – teenagers navigating high school, parents of young children, and business owners. These devotionals, written by men and women who love God and know His Word, can help you understand God’s Word on a deeper level and apply it to your life. 

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