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Worshiping Through Music

Posted by New Christian Store on

During Old Testament times, music, singing, and instruments were an important way to express praise to the Lord for the wonderful things He has done.

The book of Psalms is a collection of poetry and music that expresses the Psalmist’s deep emotions (anger, joy, sadness), describing His attributes, and extolling His wonderful works. David declares, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord…!” (Psalm 150:6) The Psalms call for believers to devote their whole soul, everything in us, to “Praise the Lord…” (Psalm 103:1).

In the New Testament, Paul and Silas praised the Lord while they were in prison! (Acts 16:26)

Why is worship part of experiencing God?

Music is an important part of worship for several reasons:

  • Praise can come from our lips, and the Bible reminds us that our mouths can be used for Our voices can be used should be used for worship, to bring healing (Proverbs 12:18), building others up (Ephesians 4:29), and gracious (Colossians 4:6).
  • Praise and worship reminds us of who God is and who we are in Him. (1 Chronicles 29:11) It gives us an opportunity to set aside our own thoughts, reflect on who He is, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us. Praise and worship requires humility (Psalm 95:6).
  • “…for his mouth speaks from the overflow of his heart.” (Luke 6:45) Stop and think about this powerful verse. Real praise flows from a grateful and humble heart.

Music is powerful!

I was raised in a non-denominational church that used contemporary Christian music. I attended a Catholic school with hymns and choruses. My parents had the Christian radio station on constantly. I chose Christian music genres during high school (over the popular grunge bands my friends listened to).

As an adult I find myself singing choruses from songs I learned in childhood when I’m in situations where I need a specific word. Music and songs stay with us for a lifetime. I can’t remember most of the sermons I’ve heard – but I do know dozens of songs. I’m grateful that my parents allowed such an uplifting influence into our home.

I don’t know what your music style preference is, and I don’t reckon it’s that important. (Maybe you and your kids disagree on what style is ‘real’ music?) The message and words are what’s important. I have a collection of solid Christian music that includes ska, rock, rap, hymns, and contemporary Christian. The words and message is what plays over and over in our hearts. We internalize those messages.

Places to find praise and worship music

Technology makes it easy to find whatever kind of media that we want. We can access positive, uplifting music and content anywhere! Here are a few options to check out!

  • 1.Pandora – This free radio website allows you to create custom radio stations based on your favorite bands or singers.
  • 2.Christian Radio – Many regions have a dedicated Christian radio station. If you can’t find one, try the I<3Radio (I Heart Radio) app to find a station of your choice.
  • 3.YouTube – Find a Vevo account for your favorite bands. Build a custom playlist with your favorite songs.
  • 4.Purchase CDs and MP3 downloads to build your praise and worship library.

Choose praise and worship music to build up your spirit throughout the day!


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